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New York Giants' news, 10/7: Dissecting another debacle

New York Giants' headlines for Monday, 10/7.

Tom Coughlin walks off the field Sunday after yet another loss.
Tom Coughlin walks off the field Sunday after yet another loss.

Another Monday, and it is the same sad story for the New York Giants. It's yet another day to digest and explain the Giants' latest embarrassing loss, this one a 36-21 defeat at the hands of the not very good Philadelphia Eagles.

"We just need to pick it up. We need to pick it up. Get our head out of our ass and pick it up. That's the reality of it," Antrel rolle said Sunday night. "We are losing games around here and that's not Giants football we are playing."

Unfortunately for Rolle, it has been 2013 Giants' football. One awful performance after another.

"What are you going to do? Sulk? Cry about it? You have to go out there and play. You have to go out there and find a way to work your way out of this hole. I know you heard me say that a couple of weeks in a row but that's the facts," said Justin Tuck. "There are only two ways to finish this season. And that's figuring some kind of way to right the ship and getting some positive momentum going here or you can sulk and feel sorry for yourself and have the worst season ever in Giants history."

[More player reaction]

The Giants won't do that unless they find a way to get quarterback Eli Manning, who imploded with three fourth-quarter interceptions and three intentional grounding penalties, to play better. WFAN's Ernie Palladino wrote simply, and correctly, that "Manning isn't a very good quarterback right now." Even coach Tom Coughlin, who almost always finds way to deflect the heat from players, called some of Manning's plays "terrible."

"He's way, way too good a player to have these kinds of things happen," Coughlin said.

[Where do the Giants go from here?]

The New York Post pointed out that Coughlin also contributed to the loss with a couple of curious, uncharacteristic decisions.

In an indictment of Coughlin, Jerry Reese and the entire roster, Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger wrote that the Giants are "the most undisciplined, inattentive, mistake-prone, careless, reckless, and aimless gaggle of head-bangers outside of Capitol Hill."

Speaking of Reese, he once again Sunday night brushed off reporters' requests for comment on the terrible team he put together. Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News called out the GM:

"Since Reese is the one who put everybody on notice in the first place and set the season’s goal at Super Bowl or bust, he has some explaining to do – both to his bosses and to the fans."

Vacchiano is right, of course. Reese handed Coughlin and Co. this deck of woefully inadequate cards, choosing to rely on too many past-their-prime veterans in some spots as well as unproven young players in others.

Running back David Wilson left early in Sunday's game with a neck injury, but insisted after that the game that was "precautionary" and he would be ready to face the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

Will Hill made his season debut for the Giants and played every snap as the Giants used a three-safety look most of the Hill made 11 tackles. Sadly, that did not lead the Giants' defense as fellow safety Ryan Mundy had 15. When two of your safeties somehow combine for 26 tackles that is not a good thing. Incidentally, the decision to play Hill in a three-safety look meant Terrell Thomas played only one snap.

David Diehl, Charles James and Jon Beason also made their debuts. Beason, just acquired on Friday, and James played only on special teams.

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