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Friday Spotlight: The Chip Kelly Offense

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When Chip Kelly was the head coach at Oregon he was known for an electric and speedy offense. He's brought that sort of offense to the NFL, but unlike Oregon, the Philadelphia Eagles aren't scoring that much.

The Eagles are second in total offense with 458 and are on pace to challenge the NFL record. However, they rank just 12th in points per game at 24.8.

As new, fresh, and fast-paced Kelly's offense is for the Eagles, it's struggling a lot. It hasn't found the right adjustment from college to the professional stage. The passing game has struggled and is ranked 11th in the NFL with 260.5 yards per game. One factor I expected to improve dramatically is their rushing game. The Eagles are ranked first in rushing with 198.2 yards per game. LeSean McCoy leads the team with 468 yards.

Why is Kelly's offense so fast and so exhausting, but can't score? As good as their rushing game is, the rest of their offense is just that bad and careless. They turn the ball over, commit too many penalties, settle for field goals in the red zone, and are giving up a ton of sacks.

The Kelly offense isn't a failure, however. It just has flaws that need some tinkering. They are doing what this offense is supposed to be doing, which is moving the ball at a fast pace and gaining yards. Execution is the issue.

Can the New York Giants' defense take advantage of these sort of issues on Sunday, or will they give the Eagles the answers they were looking for in improving their offense? All we can say is that we'll find out on Sunday.

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