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NFL Picks Week 9: Game-by-game predictions against the spread

Denver Broncos cheerleaders were dressed for Halloween last Sunday.
Denver Broncos cheerleaders were dressed for Halloween last Sunday.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I was on a roll here for awhile, but Week 8 was not a good week for me as it was my third big losing week of the season (though the first two weeks were where I was really bad) as I went 5-8. Just terrible. On the bright side the Giants have won two games in a row and if we go back to the picks from Week 4 until now I'm still 38-30-2, which is very respectable.

Best Bets

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers (-9)

The Falcons have burned me all year, but it's still hard for me to fathom they are nine points worse than the Panthers. They have lost five games but the teams they lost to other than the Cardinals are teams I think are better than the Panthers and those losses were all within a touchdown. Pick: Falcons

Tennessee Titans (-2.5) at St. Louis Rams

The Rams have been improving as the season has gone along (especially on defense) and I think this is a game they have a good shot at winning, although any time a team is relying on a backup quarterback losses can pile up fast. Pick: Rams

San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins (pick 'em)

The Chargers are 4-3 and coming off a bye with two weeks to prepare for the Redskins. I think they should be able to travel to Washington and win the game even though it's a cross country flight game that starts at 1 p.m. ET, which has been difficult for West Coast teams in the past. Pick: Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders (-1)

Never thought I'd say this, but the Raiders are not that bad and if you look at the injury report for both teams the Raiders have four guys listed, the Eagles have 12 guys pop up on the list. Pick: Raiders

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (-12)

Twelve points seems like a lot to give up to a divisional rival, especially coming off a bye and it's not like the Bears can't score points -- they are currently second in the league in scoring. Pick: Bears

The Rest of the Games

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) at Miami Dolphins.
Pick: Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs (-3) at Buffalo Bills
Pick: Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys (-12)

Is this game with Ponder starting, Freeman or Cassel? I think Ponder keeps it within 12 points, I feel less confident about the other two quarterbacks, but coach Leslie Frazier has not yet divulged who's starting.

Pick: Vikings

New Orleans Saints (-7) at New York Jets
Pick: Jets

Baltimore Ravens (-3) at Cleveland Browns
Pick: Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots (-7)

The Patriots have done a good job against the Steelers defense in the past when they were a good team, and right now they are not a good team.

Pick: New England

Indianapolis Colts (-2) at Houston Texans

The Colts are the best team that people don't give enough props to. They have beaten the Seahawks, the Broncos, and the 49ers (the 49ers on the road). The Texans have been a big disappointment and the Colts only need to win by a field goal I'll take the Colts.

Pick: Colts

Last Week: 5-8
Overall: 52-61-3

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