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Hakeem Nicks Trade Rumors: Deal seems unlikely

NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Nicks is one of the players about whom rumors have been swirling.

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A trade of Hakeem Nicks by the New York Giants seems less-and-less likely as the  2013 NFL Trade Deadline approaches. That deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

The Giants, of course, have won two straight games and even at 2-6 it's obvious they feel the have a chance in the NFC East. The 4-4 Dallas Cowboys lead the division, just two games ahead of the Giants with eight to play.

We discussed potential suitors for Nicks on Monday. Let's revisit potential trade scenarios as the deadline looms.

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the teams prominently mentioned, but Stampede Blue says the Colts don't have the cap room to add Nicks.

USA Today thinks the San Francisco 49ers would be a good landing spot for Nicks. Niners Nation, however, believes the 49ers are more likely to sell than buy.

Some analysts have pegged the Miami Dolphins as a team that might try to add a receiver. That, apparently, won't be the case.

The Sporting News says the one team to watch might be the Carolina Panthers:

It will take an aggressive offer for them to give up Nicks. With his so-so play, the Giants are building better leverage to bring him back on their terms when he's a free agent in 2014. Watch out for the 4-3 Panthers pulling the shocker for their hometown product. Carolina already was a good partner for the Giants in the Jon Beason trade.

We will know for sure in a few hours if Nicks will remain a Giant for the remainder of the 2013 season. Right now, that is looking like the case.

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