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New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Five Key Plays

A look back at key plays that helped the Giants defeat the Eagles on Sunday.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A winning streak! For the second week in a row the New York Giants didn't look great winning a football game, but they came through with a victory and that's all that matters. In fact, this team kind of looked familiar to the team I've been watching for the past 10 years under Coughlin in a few areas. Struggles in the red-zone following big plays on defense, Eli Manning making mostly good decisions with the football, Justin Tuck and the defense getting a few sacks. The Giants now have a bye week and then take on the Oakland Raiders at home and are in position to ruin their top five draft pick! (I kid, I kid) with the way the NFC East this year the Giants only sit two games back out of first place with a game left to play against the Cowboys (and two vs. the Redskins). Anything can happen.

Let's take a look back at Eagles and Giants game. Though I could just call it "5 key field goals and end the post here", I'll put the work in for five key plays.

Antrel Rolle picks of Michael Vick on the Eagles' first offensive possession

Antrel Rolle, not surprisingly, has been vocal this season and offering words of encouragement and telling everyone how he believes the Giants can win out and he's been doing his part. He has been making big plays as of late, and he started off this game with another one. The pick lead to the Giants first field goal and started the Eagles on a bad note on offense--the Giants were able to dominate the time of possession in the first half and they kept the Eagles out of their break-neck offensive pace.

Eli Manning hits Victor Cruz for 26 yards on a 3rd-and-5 at the start of the second quarter

How often have we seen the Giants throw a ball 20 yards down the field on third and short to end a drive? Well, this time Manning connected with Cruz for a big play that would eventually lead to a Giants field goal that put them up 9-0.

The Giants force a fumble at their 2-yard line which they were able to recover.

The Giants defense under Perry Fewell have been a team that has given up a lot of points at times, but at least they have had a penchant for making big plays and that was the recipe for success on Sunday. None was bigger than Terrell Thomas forcing a Matt Barkley fumble which Jacquian Williams was able to recover deep in Giants territory.

Josh Brown hits a field goal to put the Giants up 15 points

This was a big kick because it put the Giants up two touchdowns (and one two point conversion) on the Eagles in the fourth quarter and while it didn't end the game, it gave the Giants enough margin for error where they could overcome a bad play (like a snap that sailed over a punters' head) and still be in position to the win the game. Besides the frustration of watching the Giants, again, kick another field goal, it was the first time in the game where it seemed very likely the Giants would win.

Eli Manning hits Brandon Meyers for 10 yards on 3rd-and-8 with 3:14 left in the game

This was another big third down conversion that has escaped the Giants for much of the season. The Giants were looking at 3rd-and-8 in a one possession game after the Eagles got a cheap touchdown on a terrible snap by Zak DeOssie. After the Giants converted this first down they were able to run the clock down to 36 seconds and punt the ball away, and the game was sealed after a Will Hill interception.

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