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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 9: Giants climb to No. 24

After winning their first two games of the season, the Giants move out of the basement in the Big Blue View NFL Power Rankings.

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Only the Chiefs remain unbeaten in the NFL this season, but to earn the top spot in Big Blue View's power rankings they will have to beat the team we consider to be No. 1: the Broncos. And in two weeks, the Chiefs will finally have that opportunity to prove us wrong.

The top of the rankings remains untouched, as Seattle, San Francisco, Green Bay and Cincy all won. Indianapolis was on a bye, and while the Patriots won, it was not in a very convincing fashion.

The Cowboys lost a heart-breaker to the Lions, while the Redskins were pounded by Denver, meaning the two-win Giants still have a viable shot to compete in the wide-open NFC East.

Here are the Big Blue View Power Rankings for Week 9:

1. Denver Broncos (7-1): Peyton Manning had a sub-par game but still the Broncos were able to stomp the visiting Redskins. Credit the defense for helping them win this one. (LW: 1)

2. Seattle Seahawks (7-1): Seattle is continuing to roll, and the team is just days away from adding a dynamic Percy Harvin to the mix. (LW: 2)

3. New Orleans Saints (6-1): What defense is going to be able to contain Jimmy Graham? His chemistry with Drew Brees is unprecedented. (LW: 3)

4. Kansas City Chiefs (8-0): This Chiefs defense is nasty, but when they match up with the AFC elite, I worry that the offense won't be able to keep pace. (LW: 4)

5. Indianapolis Colts (5-2): How will the loss of Reggie Wayne affect this team going forward? (LW: 5)

6. San Francisco (6-2): Colin Kaepernick has quietly got the Niners on a five-game winning streak. (LW: 6)

7. Cincinnati Bengals (6-2): Even without Leon Hall, this defense bullied Geno Smith. And the offense is developing beyond just A.J. Green. (LW: 8)

8. Green Bay Packers (5-2): With the addition of a running game, this Packers offense is dangerous. (LW: 7)

9. New England Patriots (6-2): The Patriots had a tremendous second half, but this team doesn't look to be a true AFC contender. (LW: 9)

10. Detroit Lions (5-3): The Lions continue to make strides as a team, and that comeback win is a true testament to their newfound maturity. (LW: 11)

11. San Diego Chargers (4-3): Two of their next four games come against Kansas City and Denver. That'll be a true gauge of where this team stands. (LW: 12)

12. Dallas Cowboys (4-4): It would have been a signature win for Tony Romo and Co. How will this Dez Bryant issue affect the team heading into next week? (LW: 11)

13. Chicago Bears (4-3): This defense, minus Lance Briggs, will have to step up in the absence of Jay Cutler on offense. (LW: 13)

14. Carolina Panthers (4-3): The Panthers bullied the Bucs on Thursday night. Perhaps this team has figured something out. (LW: 20)

15. Baltimore Ravens (3-4): The champs had a lot to figure out during their bye week. They have the talent to turn things around, though. (LW: 15)

16. Tennessee Titans (3-4): Can Tennessee make some noise with a healthy Jake Locker? (LW: 16)

17. New York Jets (4-4): The Jets are exactly what their record says -- a contender one week, a joke the next. (LW: 14)

18. Buffalo Bills (3-5): It's hard to keep pace with the Saints in the Superdome. (LW: 17)

19. Miami Dolphins (3-4): Three AFC East teams jumped between 17-19. Even with the Patriots at the top, this division is very mediocre. (LW: 18)

20. Arizona Cardinals (4-4): Under Bruce Arians, who would have thought it was the Cards' defense that would be the superior unit? (LW: 26)

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6): The Steelers cannot win in the Black Hole, and this one was embarrassing. (LW: 21)

22. Houston Texans (2-5): Will we see more of the 2013 Texans out of the bye week, or can Matt Schaub turn back the clock? (LW: 23)

23. Oakland Raiders (3-4): Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden could be cornerstones on the Oakland offense for years to come. (LW: 28)

24. New York Giants (2-6): The Giants defense has really turned the corner. If only the offense could find a rhythm. (LW: 29)

25. Cleveland Browns (3-5): This team is a quarterback shy of being a real force. (LW: 24)

26. Atlanta Falcons (2-6): Has any team taken a bigger step backwards than the Falcons? (LW: 22)

27. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5): This high-octane offense has mustered three points in two weeks. (LW: 19)

28. Washington Redskins (2-5): Another injury to Robert Griffin III? That can't be good, no matter how serious it may or may not be. (LW: 27)

29. St. Louis Rams (3-5): With Kellen Clemens at the helm, the losses are bound to pile up. (LW: 25)

30. Minnesota Vikings (1-6): Three different starting quarterbacks in three weeks -- that's telling enough. (LW: 30)

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7): Greg Schiano's coaching style needs to be questioned. Attempting 40+ throws with a rookie quarterback, really? (LW: 31)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8): The Jags have trouble both in the U.S. and across the pond. (LW: 32)

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