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Giants at Eagles 2013 Week 8: 'Five Questions' with Bleeding Green Nation

'Five Questions' with Bleeding Green Nation in advance of Sunday's Giants-Eagles game.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It is time once again for our weekly 'Five Questions' segment. With a second meeting in three weeks between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles on tap we turn once again to Brandon Lee Gowton, editor of Bleeding Green Nation.

Ed: You have seen all three Eagles' quarterbacks in game action now. If all three were healthy, which one would you like to see playing?

Brandon: It has to be Michael Vick. If the team is trying to win games right now, he gives them the best chance to win. He was originally picked as the starter for that reason. Nick Foles played very well vs. the Bucs but that performance against Dallas was atrocious. Matt Barkley may have some potential but he's not ready to start in the NFL for a team that is trying to win.

Ed: The Giants and Eagles played just three weeks ago. What, if anything, is different about the Eagles now?

Brandon: The most obvious difference is the QB situation. All three quarterbacks entered that game healthy. Now, Vick is likely to play on Sunday, but it's unclear if he's truly 100%. He's still dealing with the hamstring injury he originally suffered versus NYG. Nick Foles still hasn't passed his concussion test so he is likely out on Sunday. Matt Barkley is now the backup, and that's a concern.

Otherwise, the Eagles' defense has been improving after a real rough start. The defense isn't good by any means but a slow improvement is a start.

Ed: You recently wrote about the improving Eagles' defense. What has been the reason for the improvement?

Brandon: The reason for improvement isn't just one reason. The defense has been helped out by facing weaker offenses, aside from the Cowboys. Some players are simply playing better than they were to start the year. DC Bill Davis says he feels more comfortable, as do the players. They still have a long way to go as a unit but it feels like they might be starting to settle in.

Ed: No one really saw this sort of fall coming for the Giants. What do you make of the Giants at this point and how surprised are you by their record?

Brandon: It's hard to say. The Giants still have their franchise QB in place in Eli Manning. They have some talented players. Injuries have hit hard, which is an obvious detriment. Otherwise they seem like an aging team. I certainly didn't expect NYG to be this bad, but that's the beauty of the NFL. It can be so unpredictable.

Ed: How about a prediction for Sunday?

Brandon: It's a tough call with Vick's injury status up in the air. He's expected to play, but how limited will he be? In a battle of the losing streaks (Giants losing 8 on the road, Eagles losing 9 at home), the Eagles finally break out of it with a win in Philadelphia on Sunday. 20-16, Eagles.

Thanks to Brandon. Head over to BGN for my answers to Brandon's questions. Please remember to play nice and represetn both Big Blue View and the Giants with class.