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Brandon Jacobs reacts to Twitter death threats

Fantasy football fanatic harasses Giants running back via Twitter.

Jonathan Daniel

Prior the New York Giants' 23-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings Monday night, running back Brandon Jacobs received a death threat via Twitter. Jacobs, of course, missed the game with a hamstring injury, leading one overly obsessive fantasy football player to push the envelope.

On Wednesday, Jacobs addressed the issue, calling it a huge problem.

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"Fantasy football is something the fans can connective themselves," he said. "Some people take it as just a game with a couple of their friends. Some people take it way too serious and way too far. People that understand us know what we go through every day. I know that fantasy is just fun for them; it's cool to have people like that being involved that know what it is and don't take it too serious."

Later on, the Twitter user sent messages apologizing to Jacobs for his comments, attempting to play off his tweets as a joke.

A joke -- no, not in the eyes of the Jacobs, who again referred to fantasy football as a game to fans but meaningless to NFL players.

"It's just a game they play on a computer. I think sometimes fantasy football is good, but sometimes it has disconnected a lot of players from fans," he said. "You sit down to eat a restaurant and people say 'I have you on my fantasy team; you have to do something for me this week.' I'm trying to enjoy my dinner, you know? It's a huge problem if you ask me.

"Players don't want to deal with that. We're living in fantasy football. I would live in fantasy football and my only fantasy was I want to go back with the Giants. That was my fantasy football."

According to Newsday, NFL Security is investigating the matter, but the league offered no comment on the issue. Jacobs said he is not taking any extra precautions to protect himself this Sunday when the Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

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