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NFL Picks Week 8: Game-by-game predictions against the spread

NFL Week 8 predictions against the point spread.

San Diego Chargers cheerleaders
San Diego Chargers cheerleaders
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is a weird week to make picks here in Week 8 of the 2013 NFL schedule because of the quarterback carousel that's occurring in the league. Last week was another average week as I went 7-8, which would be easier to live with if I had a winning record which I'm still trying to claw my way to after a 3-13 start to the season. Sitting at 47-53-3 on the season but 33-22-2 since Week 4.

Best Bets

Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions (-3)

The lions have a potent offense and talent on defense. While they don't always play with the necessary control they are a good football team. Dallas on the other hand plays in the NFC East -- the league's worst division. Three of the four Cowboys wins have come from within the division while they have lost all their games outside the division. I like the Lions at home by more than 3 points. Pick: Lions

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (-5.5)

No, I'm not buying into the New York Giants after one unimpressive win against the Vikings. It's more that I haven't bought into the Eagles at all this year. They are just not a team I think should be favored by nearly a touchdown, especially in division games which are always a bit screwy. Pick: Giants

Washington Redskins at Denver Broncos (-13)

Sorry Redskins' fans, but you get the Broncos at home after a tough loss and you have THAT secondary. Hopefully, you have Peyton Manning on your fantasy team because it smells like a blowout. Pick: Broncos

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (-7)

The Dolphins are a tough, gritty team that has trouble protecting their quarterback or running the football. Despite those pitfalls they are winning football games. The Patriots still have Tom Brady and Gronk is back but their offense is suspect and I don't think they are going to blow too many teams out. I think the Dolphins might even be able to win, so I will take the 7 points. Pick: Dolphins

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)

Maybe I'm still living on what I thought the Falcons would be but I assumed they would be favorites here. Despite their injuries they still have talent and I think the pull out the upset victory. Pick: Falcons

Other Games

Carolina Panthers (-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pick: Buccaneers

Mike Glennon gives the team a reason to fight and the short week should keep the game close

San Francisco (-17) at Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick: Jaguars

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5)
Pick: Chiefs

Chiefs here only because I don't know what to expect from Jason Campbell

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints (-13)
Pick: Saints

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals (-7)
Pick: Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5) at Oakland Raiders
Pick: Steelers

Green Bay Packers (-10) at Minnesota Vikings
Pick: Vikings

Ponder and Peterson keep this game close.

Seattle Seahawks (-11) at St. Louis Rams
Pick: Seahawks

Last week: 7-8
Season: 47-53-3

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