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NFL Odds, Week 5: New York Giants 3-point favorites over Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Giants open the week as 3-point favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Peter Aiken

The New York Giants (0-4) open the week as the 3-point favorites to their visiting NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles (1-3).

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The game will be an important match-up for both of these teams, as with no team in the division over .500 the winner of the East could come down to who plays the best within the division. The Eagles have already gotten off to a good start in the division, winning in Washington, while the Giants lost in Dallas, meaning a loss to the Eagles would set the Giants even further back to 0-2 within the division.

The Eagles are coming off a loss to a team that also dominated the Giants, the Denver Broncos, while the Giants come off a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, led by former Eagles coach Andy Reid.

The Big Blue View Power Rankings have both teams ranked in the bottom 10, with the Eagles ranked at No. 24 and the Giants at No. 29. SB Nation's version of the rankings gives a little less respect to the Eagles and a little more respect to the Giants, with the Eagles coming in at No. 25 and the Giants at No. 28.

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