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Giants' Tom Coughlin talks about turnovers, JPP, David Baas

Highlights of Tom Coughlin's briefing with reporters on Friday.

Tom Coughlin Friday characterized Giants' turnovers as 'disturbing.'
Tom Coughlin Friday characterized Giants' turnovers as 'disturbing.'

Here are some of the highlights from New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin's post-practice meeting with reporters on Friday.

On the Giants' 23 turnovers and -16 takeaway/giveaway ratio, both league worsts:

"It’s disturbing. The turnovers, you can talk all you want, but it has to happen. It has to happen on the field. Take care of the ball, get the ball away from the other guy, get yourself in some field position, take advantage of it."

Pressed for information on Jason Pierre-Paul, who missed practice with an illness:

"My degree is not in medicine, he's sick."

On the possibility of being more conservative offensively to try and limit turnovers:

"The only thing is you have to look at, for example take the last game...the turnovers came on basically a quick throw, five-step drop, on both of the first two and basically a five-step drop seam route in which the ball traveled a little further than 12 yards, but not a whole lot further. I understand what you're saying and in an attempt to tighten things up and not get into the tip ball stuff and that business, the reads and the misreads, that's what you attempt to do. You're not going to take the ball, the opportunities, away if they're there."

On getting starting center David Baas back Monday night, which appears likely:

"I think it's very important. They're very good upfront. The inside people have good size and can play with power. Anytime you can add David Baas to that formation, or that type of front, you're going to be in better shape. Jim Cordle has done a heck of a job. He really has. The more working parts we can have, the better."

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