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Hakeem Nicks Trade Rumors: Giants not seeking trade, but will listen

There are mixed signals on a potential trade of Hakeem Nicks. There are reports that the Giants are not seeking to trade him, but there are also reports that they are willing to listen to offers.

Ron Antonelli

The New York Giants are not actively seeking to trade wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, according to a report from Kim Jones of NFL Media.

Nicks' agent said Monday that he knows nothing about a potential Nicks trade:

"I haven't heard from the Giants, they have not authorized me to seek a trade,'' Nicks' agent, Peter Schaffer, said. "Nor have I been instructed by my client to seek a trade. Hakeem is a Giant. He's a 100 percent Giant.''

None of that actually contradicts any of the previous reports regarding Nicks. To this point there has only been speculation regarding the Giants' intent, and reports that several teams are ready to make offers if the Giants do decide to make Nicks available prior to the Oct. 29 trade deadline.

According to Ralph Vacchiano, the Giants "have indicated a willingness to listen to offers for the receiver or any veteran player" despite not actually putting anyone on the market.

The most common expectation from league sources is that the Giants could possibly get a third-round pick in exchange for the 25-year-old Nicks, who can be a free agent at the end of the season.

The Giants could use the franchise tag on Nicks next season, but that seems unlikely. The tag number for wide receivers in 2013 was $10.57 million, and would likely be that or higher for 2014.

Vacchiano also pointed out today that should Nicks leave as a free agent the Giants do not automatically receive a compensatory selection, which would be in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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