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New York Giants' news, 10/13: No Giants' game today, and that's OK

New York Giants' headlines for Sunday, 10/13.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have arrived at a Sunday without New York Giants' football. Which might be OK with many Giants' fans since what we have witnessed thus far in 2013 is a season without any real Giants' football to speak of. Here are a few links to keep you occupied before the games begin this afternoon.

Tom Coughlin deserves chance to go out a winner | New York Post

Coughlin has done none of the things that usually get coaches fired, beginning with losing the respect of the locker room (usually the first stage of a coach’s exit). There does not appear to be any evidence Giants players are not playing hard for Coughlin. They’re simply not playing very well.

"Coach Coughlin hasn’t blinked,’’ cornerback Terrell Thomas said. "He’s done a great job leading us, keeping hope alive in us, motivating us — no matter the circumstances. Even after these loses, he gives us hope and makes us believe and keeps everyone holding each other accountable.

"We believe in him. We play for coach Coughlin. We’re not going to turn on each other.’’

There’s Plenty Of Blame To Go Around For The 0-6 New York Giants " CBS New York
The Giants' 0-6 start is the worst for the organization since it lost a franchise-worst nine in a row in 1976, a season that saw coach Bill Arnsparger fired after seven games.

Cowher continues to send mixed signals about whether he’ll coach again | ProFootballTalk
In January, Bill Cowher disputed rumors that he plans to coach again.  Rumors that, you know, he started himself. Cowher is now at it again, sending mixed signals about whether he'll ever return to the game he left nearly seven years ago.

Giants' Jon Beason shows he has plenty to offer at linebacker |
Beason was once the gold standard at the position, a savant in shoulder pads

Eli Manning responsible for NY Giants' terrible start - NY Daily News
Eli has done as much as anybody to put them in this hole. Take back just one interception a game — Eli would still have nine in six games, a lot — and ask yourself where the Giants are right now.

NY Giants' 0-6 start brings back memories of 1976 team - NY Daily News
Until this current season, no other Giants team in their proud history had started 0-6 aside from the 1976 team, which started 0-9. Many of the current Giants are accustomed to being compared to the ’86 and ’90 teams that won Super Bowls. Now they’re mimicking misery.

Tom Coughlin must focus on future of NY Giants right now - NY Daily News
Any young player that Reese and Coughlin think has a future should get his shot now, no matter what it does to the rest of the Giants’ season. Because it's over, so why waste time with players who won't be on the roster in 2014?

How the Giants plummeted from contenders to 0-6 | New York Post

"What’s happening with the Giants is what you call a total shock," said longtime NFL draft expert Gil Brandt, one of the architects of the Cowboys’ great teams of the 1970s. "Nobody in their right mind would have predicted them to fall apart like this and to do it this fast."

A consistently respectably team morphing into a bottom feeder isn’t unprecedented in the NFL, of course. But it’s the speed and apparent totality of Big Blue’s meltdown that has so many around the league scratching their heads in amazement.

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