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A Fond Farewell

Hey everyone.

The title I'm afraid says it all. I've been a member of the Big Blue View staff for over a year. 2013 has been a trying year for me and my family. Early this year I lost my job and my brother in the same month. I recently was hired for a new job which I need to put my time and energy into.

After a talk with Ed I decided that I need to step down from my SB Nation duties. My time here at BBV has been fulfilling and memorable. I appreciate all of the the time I had here. I loved writing for each and every one of you and I hope one day I will find the time to return and write again.

I will always be around the internet. You can reach me through email or my Twitter account if you'd like to keep in touch. I'll of course still have my SB Nation user name and will be around the site as a viewer.

Thank you again guys for making my experience here a memorable one.


Twitter: @KelsODonnell