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New York Giants' news, 10/11: Conflicting reports on Tom Coughlin's future

-- New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 10/11.

Jonathan Daniel

Another game Thursday night, another loss for the now 0-6 New York Giants. The biggest news that came out of the game was probably the NFL Network report that coach Tom Coughlin can decide his own fate in 2014 and that indications were he planned to return. Because nothing can ever be clear and easy, there was also a conflicting report that there is a point where the Giants would take that decision away from the 67-year-old coach.

'Easy' Eli Manning has always been able to keep his emotions in check. The Daily News said that wasn't the case after Thursday's three-interception performance.

ESPN New York wrote that Manning's "charmed football life has crumbled around him."

Continuing the Manning theme, the New York Post says Manning can't save this team.

Yahoo! Sports says the Giants are still not pointing fingers at each others.

Cornerback Terrell Thomas insists that Chicago's Brandon Marshall pushed off on his second touchdown catch.

Middle linebacker Jon Beason termed his debut with the Giants "far from perfect," but he did lead the defense with 12 tackles.

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