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NFL Power Rankings 2013: How low should Giants go?

The aggregated rankings from Real Clear Sports have the Giants at No. 31.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Sam ranked the New York Giants No. 31 in his 2013 NFL Power Rankings for Week 6. above only the laughingstock Jacksonville Jaguars.

Turns out that pretty much everyone believes that is just about right. In this week's aggregated NFL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports, the Giants are No. 31. RCS uses rankings from seven prominent sites -- ESPN, FOX, SB Nation, CBS,, Pro Football Talk and CBS and averages the rankings to come up with a placement.

FOX and SB Nation had the Giants at No. 30. Everyone else placed them at 31.

That's a long, long fall for a team that won a Super Bowl two seasons ago.

Where do you think the Giants belong? Vote in our poll before kickoff of the Thursday Night Football encounter with the Chicago Bears and let us know.

The Denver Broncos, incidentally, are the unanimous choice for the No. 1 spot.

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