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GameDay notes: David Wilson out several weeks -- report

New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 10/10.


New York Giants' running back David Wilson "will likely be out several weeks," due to a disc-related injury to his neck, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday night. Wilson meets Monday with a Los Angeles spinal surgeon, Dr. Robert Watkins, for a second opinion on the injury he suffered vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. The New York Post is reporting that there is "great concern" that Wilson's season could be over.

In the meantime, the Giants will have to rely on Brandon Jacobs, Da'Rel Scott and possibly rookie Michael Cox. The Giants are already averaging a league-worst 56.8 yards rushing per game, so even without Wilson it's hard to imagine them doing worse.

Fixing the Giants means gutting a roster "littered either with too many imposters who have sacrificed the right, or are no longer championship-caliber players," not firing the head coach or general manager, writes Steve Serby of the New York Post.

I agree. I have written before, and will continue to write, that the Giants are hanging on to too many players who are well past their prime. They need to get younger, and hungrier, to get better.

Watch the Giants and it is pretty obvious that the two major issues are the sieve that passes for an offensive line and the non-existent pass rush. Monday Morning Quarterback broke down the Giants' problems, and it's no surprise that is the conclusion they came to.

No NFL team has made the playoffs following an 0-5 start. The Giants, however, are not yet ready to toss in the towel. Truthfully, that is how the players have to think. Who can really blame them in the woeful NFC East, where 8-8 probably wins the division.

If the Giants are ever going to right their sinking ship, Eli Manning needs to stop throwing the ball to the wrong team.

If it makes you feel better, and I know it probably doesn't, ESPN points out that the Giants are not the only team with a high-priced, big-name quarterback that is under-achieving this season.

The Record's Art Stapleton offers his game breakdown. The Chicago Tribune offers its own game breakdown, including at least one prediction sure to get you riled up.

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