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Reasons to Celebrate: Prince Amukamara

The Giants are 0-4, but the play of cornerback Prince Amukamara has certainly been a bright spot thus far this season.

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The New York Giants continued to display a dismal style of football when they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 31-7 on Sunday. Last week they played so poorly against the Carolina Panthers I couldn't come up with anything positive to talk about. This week, though, I can.

A few players did play well on Sunday, one of whom was cornerback Prince Amukamara. Pro Football Focus had a lot of positives to say about his performance, giving him a +5.3 grade.

"[Prince] didn't allow a catch into his coverage on four attempts. The Chiefs tried to run slants on him to no avail as he deflected quarterback Alex Smith's pass with 3:10 to go in the second quarter before jumping in front for the interception at the 12:02 mark in the third. He showed well in the running game as well, as he attacked a pulling Branden Albert at the 12:31 mark of the third and not only re-directed the run, but also forced a holding call. It was a good overall effort for Amukamara, who finished at +3.9 in coverage and +1.1 against the run."

Honestly with how poorly the rest of the secondary was playing on Sunday, why were the Chiefs even bothering to run plays that are thrown to Amukamara's area? Amukamara has proven that he is the top cornerback for the Giants. Where does he rank in the league? His interception off Smith on Sunday couldn't have been done any better by any cornerback in the NFL.

Amukamara's +5.1 PFF score for the season is fifth among cornerbacks who have played at least 75 percent of their team's defensive snaps. His 69.6 passer rating against puts him in the top 12.

If the Giants could play to the level Amukamara has been playing at they certainly wouldn't be 0-4.

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