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Dave Gettleman gets Carolina Panthers' GM job

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Considering what we had been hearing recently, you had to know the New York Giants were going to lose either Dave Gettleman or Marc Ross to the Carolina Panthers. That became a reality Wednesday when Gettleman, the Giants 61-year-old Senior Pro Personnel Analyst, was named general manager of the Panthers.

It really is no surprise that the Panthers chose one of the two Giants' executives. Former Giants' general manager Ernie Accorsi was leading the search in Carolina, and Gettleman had been reported to be a personal favorite of Accorsi's.

Good friend and Inside Football Editor Pat Traina tweeted that Gettleman was a "huge loss" for the Giants. She is probably right about that.

For years, one of the strengths of the giants has been their ability to identify and bring in useful players cast off by other teams -- a job which fell to Gettleman and his pro personnel staff. Think about players like former fullback Madison Hedgecock and current Giants like Domenik Hixon and Stevie Brown. Gettleman would have had strong input into all of those acquisitions.

Via Yahoo! Sports, here is the statement about Gettleman's hiring from Carolina owner Jerry Richardson:

"I was very impressed with Dave's experience and think he will be a very good fit for our organization," Richardson said. "He has an extensive background in personnel and comes from an organization in the New York Giants that I hold in high regard and played an instrumental role in their success."