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Marc Ross, Dave Gettleman rumors: Tuesday afternoon update

It appears that one general manager option for New York Giants' Director of College Scouting Marc Ross could be off the table. Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports tweeted that David Caldwell, Atlanta Falcons Director of Player Personnel, was going to get that job. He then clarified, calling that only a "strong prediction."

If that does come to pass, and Silver seemingly remains steadfast in his belief that it will, it only furthers the notion that if Ross or Giants' Senior Pro Personnel Analyst Dave Gettleman leave the organization it will be for the Carolina Panthers.

There was a report today that Ross met with the Panthers for what appears to be a second time:

It's reported New York Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross is meeting with Jerry Richardson this afternoon, and it's rumored that it's his second interview with the organization. Rumors swirling over the weekend indicated that he met with the team on Saturday. Multiple interviews typically mean a team is drawing closer to a hiring, but that is speculation. What we do know is that Ross is the only person so far from outside of the organization who has met with the team twice, if rumors are to be believed.

Despite that, there is still a belief that Gettleman is more likely than Ross to land the Panthers' gig:

From everything I hear, (Giants senior pro personnel analyst) Dave Gettlemen is (consultant) Ernie Accorsi‘s guy. Accorsi recommended him for the job in Cleveland when Mike Holmgren took over. (Gettlemen) is not a self-promoter like too many of these (candidates). He’s a meat-and-potatoes, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. He’ll clean it up fast, and he can work with anyone. You don’t see his name out there a lot or hear about him because he just goes about his business and gets the job done. He’s been a big part of the fabric in the Giants’ front office for a long time. He deserves a shot.”

Maybe by the end of the day the picture will become a little clearer. Stay tuned.