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Official Big Blue View community stats for 2012

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Al Bello

Recently, One.Cool.Customer from SB Nation's Dallas Cowboys web site, Blogging The Boys, provided us with some numbers detailing community activity here at Big Blue View for 2012. Well, the gurus at SB Nation have now provided us with similar data showing the most active community members in 2012. Those numbers are listed below.

Most FanPosts
Just J 24
wangstu13 23
#56 4life 22
tito (eight and oh) 22
Max Schwager 19
Gjennings85 19
Lueeluee 18
Invictus XI 16
Willgfass 14
Raptor22 11

Most FanShots
Ed Valentine 128
nywins46 12
Willgfass 10
Rex Ryan 9
NYG_Slater 8
trueblue63 8
lueeluee 7
chomwom032 7
nywins42 6
Shaner021 5

Most Comments
BB1156 22358
The Always Well Dressed... 13381
costanza! 11787
Invictus XI 11528
Fester McDougal 10827
ManningHam and Cheese 9515
Bobbiblue 9508
nywins46 7491
Rorschach44 5925

We know that use of the 'Fanposts' and 'Fanshots' has fallen off here at BBV in recent months. We know that many of you will blame the new design of sites across SB Nation for that. An effort has recently been made by SB Nation designers to correct that, and I'm hopeful that use of those tools will increase.

If you noticed in the BBV cover I moved a 'Fanpost' from 'GhostDini' into a primary position. It is something I would like to do more often, and will try to pay greater attention to going forward. Your challenge is to give me work worth featuring.