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NFL Playoffs 2013: RGIII knee injury story of the weekend

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The knee injury suffered by Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will be the most memorable thing about wild-card weekend in the NFL.

Al Bello

In the nation's capital this morning they are holding their breath, not over the latest political squabble but over the knee injury suffered by Robert Griffin III on Sunday. RGIII, as you likely know, did not finish Sunday's 24-14 loss by the Washington Redskins to the Seattle Seahawks in the wild-card round of the 2013 NFL Playoffs, re-injuring his right knee.

Here are some thoughts on Griffin, and the rest of the weekend's playoff action.



Seahawks 24, Redskins 14

How badly Griffin's knee is injured, and what the heck he was doing continuing to play despite not being nearly the same after an awkward first-quarter fall, are the topics of debate in Washington -- and around much of the NFL -- this morning.

Me? I think players are going to play, and coaches are going to let them -- especially when it comes to being in the playoffs -- unless a doctor intervenes and rules the player out of the game. I didn't have a problem with RGIII playing, or staying in the game.

The injury, though, will open Washington coach Mike Shanahan up to criticism and will lead to lots of debate about the risks of running quarterbacks in the NFL.

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Ravens 24, Colts 9

This really wasn't much of a contest, and was a rather disappointing game. Have you ever seen anyone play football with a bigger brace than Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis wore Sunday?

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Packers 24, Vikings 10

You pretty much knew this game was over before it started. With Joe Webb forced to quarterback Minnesota due to the injury to Christian Ponder the Vikings never stood a chance. As a Giants fan you had to be watching this game and wondering, 'how is this Minnesota team in the playoffs while the Giants are already home?'

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Texans 19, Bengals 13

The Houston Texans, losers of three of four heading into the game, were there to be taken. The paper tiger Cincinnati Bengals couldn't do it, however.

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