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Perry Fewell Rumors: Wait ... there aren't any

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Perry Fewell appears to be a complete non-factor in the process as NFL teams go about the business if finding new head coaches. Thought of by some as a hot candidate for a head coaching gig when teams began firing head coaches a week ago, the New York Giants' defensive coordinator has not yet even had an interview for any of the jobs that were -- or still are -- vacant.

The latest job to be filled came Sunday morning when news broke that the Buffalo Bills had hired Syracuse University coach Doug Marrone to be their head coach.

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Buffalo, where Fewell had previously served as both defensive coordinator and interim head coach, might have been the one place where you could have at least expected him to receive an interview.

Giants' executives Marc Ross and Dave Gettleman have both drawn interest from the Carolina Panthers for their general manager vacancy. You might think Fewell would draw interest from Carolina should Ross or Gettleman be hired there. The Panthers, though, have already announced that Ron Rivera will be retained as head coach.

I guess this is a sign that, whether you are respected around the league or not, when you run the NFL's 31st-ranked defense you don't exactly jump to the head of the list for a promotion.