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New York Giants' news and notes: Money poorly spent edition

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New York Giants' notes for Friday, including a look at how the Giants spent their money last season.

The Giants didn't get their money's worth on defense in 2012
The Giants didn't get their money's worth on defense in 2012

Good morning, New York Giants' fans. Here are your Friday morning links while you, like Tom Coughlin, adjust to life without Giants football.

How the Smartest NFL Teams Spend Money -
NFL rules that limit spending mean each franchise starts with virtually the same resources. But after analyzing the numbers, here are three lessons to take away.

Valentine's View: These are interesting. The most discouraging thing about the Giants' spending? They spent $65.8 million for defensive players, compared to $46.6 million on offense, and wound up with a defense ranked 31st in the league. No NFL team spent more money on defensive players.

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