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Tom Coughlin calls pain of missing playoffs 'indescribable'

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New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin described the hurt of missing the playoffs during an appearance on WFAN radio Thursday.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
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New York Giants' fans can only hope that Giants' players are feeling the sting of their season being over before the 2013 NFL playoffs begin at least somewhat close to the way head coach Tom Coughlin has taken the end of the Giants' reign as Super Bowl champion.

Toward the end of a lengthy segment Monday on WFAN with Mike Francesa, Coughlin called the feeling of falling short of the playoffs "indescribable."

"I can't even describe how it hurts. I don't know what to do. I'm walking around here like a crazy man ... I don't know what to do with myself. We shouldn't be doing this right now." Coughlin told Francesa.

"The pain of it is almost indescribable. Your expectations are so high. ... You just were at the top of the mountain. The last thing you're thinking about is losing football games or not being in the playoffs. You're thinking you're going to be there. It just multiplies the difficulty in accepting losing."

[Listen to the Coughlin-Francesa interview]

Coughlin didn't just do a five-minute segment with Francesa. He answered the host's questions for a solid half hour and seemed as though he would talk as long as Francesa felt like asking questions.

Coughlin said the Giants were "taking it all apart right now as a coaching staff" and "searching for the answer" as to why the Giants under-achieved in 2012.

"We didn't accomplish what we set out to accomplish ... It's disappointing, it's frustrating, it's an unfulfilled opportunity," Coughlin said. "The inconsistency throughout the year when you study it kind of raises up and grabs you by the tail.

"One of the themes going forward has definitely got to be consistency."

Francesa asked Coughlin whether or not the Giants were hungry enough to win."I don't have that worry next year. For us right now to not be in the playoffs, be the Super Bowl champion and not be in the playoffs if that doesn't bring you down to earth and create the kind of humility that goes along with getting your nose back to the grindstone I don't know what does," Coughlin said.

"I never thought that was going to be an issue with our team, but we certainly left a few holes in our schedule."