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Salary cap breakdown: Giants spent 2nd-most in NFL on defense in 2012

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The Giants spent more money on defensive players in 2012 than any team in the NFL except the Denver Broncos -- which makes their under-achieving performance all the more disappointing.


There is a fascinating, informative graphic posted today by TheGuardian showing the breakdown of how each NFL team allocated its $120.6 million in salary cap resources for the 2012 season.

What does it tell us about the 2012 New York Giants? Nothing new, really, but it confirms something we already knew -- the Giants did not get their money's worth from their defensive unit in 2012.

The Giants spent $68.8 million (57 percent) of their 2012 salary cap on defense. That is more money than every NFL team except the Denver Broncos ($70.6 million) spent on defense. Yet, the Giants finished 31st in the league defensively in yardage allowed and 12th in points allowed (21.5 points per game).

The Seattle Seahawks allowed the fewest points in the league (16.5 per game) while spending only $38.5 million on defense, third-lowest in the NFL.

The Giants spent $48.7 million on offense, which was 24th in the league in spending.