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Super Bowl 2013: Super Bowl week memories of 2012, Wednesday edition

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The Giants won the Super Bowl just a season ago. Here is a look back at what we were writing about on the Wednesday of Super Bowl week in 2012.

Kevin Gilbride
Kevin Gilbride

Let's continue our look back into the Big Blue View archives at Super Bowl week 2012. Today, we look at some of what was making headlines at BBV on Wednesday as the New York Giants readied to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

Amani Toomer Praises Kevin Gilbride, Giants Wide Receivers - Big Blue View

During a discussion Tuesday about the New York Giants wide receivers, Eli Manning and the Giants 2012 Super Bowl matchup with the New England Patriots, former Giants wide receiver and current NFL analyst Amani Toomer praised the team's offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride.

"I think he's great. Some of the stuff that he runs, the plays, the concepts that he came up with -- it's really unstoppable," Toomer said by phone Wednesday morning. "The problem is that you have to have a group of receivers that really not only understand what he's trying to do, but really can read defenses well. If they don't understand what's going on and they can't read what's going on really well then it looks disheveled.

"This young group of receivers, they have a thirst for knowledge and that thirst is what's making them a lot better because they understand what's going on. If you have guys that understand the system it's unstoppable."

Valentine's View: Even now I know any praise of Gilbride -- even old praise of the offensive coordinator -- makes many of you cringe. He's not perfect, but I suspect many fans won't understand his contribution to the Giants until he is gone.

Super Bowl 46: The New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots - Scouting Report - Big Blue View

New York has nothing to lose. They're the underdogs, again. Many believe that they have been more fortunate than skilled. If they lose, they will not be frowned upon or questioned. After all, Tom Brady was "due" his revenge. For Brady and the Patriots, this game means the world. If Belichick and Brady, the "best coach-quarterback duo of all-time", lose this game they will have to make peace with the fact that they were outplayed and out-coached by the New York Giants all over again. I see many sleepless nights in New England's future.

Super Bowl XLII Memories: A Look Back At The BBV Archives, 2008 Prediction - Big Blue View

I have been trying to convince myself to come right out and say it for a while now, so here it is -- the Giants are going to win on Sunday.

Why not?

There is no logical argument you can make that shows that the Giants are a better football team than the 18-0 juggernaut known as the New England Patriots. But, there is also no reason the 12-point underdog Giants can't do this.

Valentine's View: The 2007 season was the first for Big Blue View. Thus, I am still taking credit for that Super Bowl title.