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New York Giants' defense, by the numbers

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A statistical look at the 2012 New York Giants' defense.


In conjunction with our earlier discussion about the New York Giants' defense, here is a statistical breakdown of the defensive unit.

Standard NFL stats

Yards Allowed Per Game -- 383. 4 (31st)
Passing Yards -- 254.2 (28th)
Rushing Yards -- 129.1 (25th)
Yards Per Carry -- 4.65 (30th)

Football Outsiders

Defensive Efficiency Rank -- 16th (16th vs. pass, 21st vs. run)
Adjusted Sack Rate -- 16th (6.0 percent)

Pro Football Focus (Team)

Overall: -16.5 (23rd)
Run Defense: +2.5
Pass Rush: +1.8
Pass Coverage: -28.5

Pro Football Focus (Individual)

Best ...

Jason Pierre-Paul +23.7 ... Run defense +18.4 ... JPP was the third-ranked 4-3 defensive end in the PFF scoring system
Kenny Phillips +7.4
Chris Canty +6.6
Linval Joseph +6.3 ... Joseph ranked 21st among 4-3 tackles and nose tackles ... The 'he played too many snaps' argument doesn't hold water. There were 18 defensive tackles who played more
Stevie Brown +4.1 ... Brown was +3.2 in pass coverage, but -1.0 in run defense.

Worst ...

Mark Herzlich -4.3 ... In 111 snaps of run defense Herzlich was -3.6. Not a good sign for a guy who was on the field primarily as a run defender.
Mathias Kiwanuka -8.4
Michael Boley -8.6
Chase Blackburn -10.9
Corey Webster -11.3
Jayron Hosley -12.1
-- Out of 113 cornerbacks graded, Webster ranked 110th and Hosley 111th.
-- Quarterbacks had a 121.5 passer rating throwing against Hosley, 106.5 against Webster and only 74.5 throwing against Prince Amukamara.