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New York Giants' news and notes: Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, Antrel Rolle, more

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New York Giants' news for Thursday morning, including Victor Cruz talking about his contract negotiations with the team.

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Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Thursday morning links.

New York Giants: Fire Somebody? Not the Giants Way -
In the short time since the regular season ended on Sunday, many of the 20 crestfallen franchises that failed to reach the playoffs have reacted to the disappointment by basically firing anyone who could reasonably be held responsible.

In the past two days, seven head coaches, six coordinators and five general managers have lost their jobs, and the rash of dismissals may not be done yet.

But while most of the league's eliminated teams have been locked in a collective bout of bloodletting, there has been no caterwauling from the Giants. The team that can call itself the defending Super Bowl champions for another few weeks has responded to the end of its season in exactly the sort of calm, measured, philosophical tones you'd expect from the NFL's most conservative franchise.

In his end-of-season news conference, coach Tom Coughlin said there will be no significant changes to his staff. General manager Jerry Reese said the roster doesn't need major surgery, either. In short, while other teams are reaching for the reset button, the Giants off-season is likely to be an exercise in continuity.

Eli says he 'needed to play better' - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
“I don’t think it was as good as it needed to be,” Manning said on his weekly appearance on WFAN radio of his play this past season. “I think there were a couple of games where (I) wasn’t as on and I needed to play better.”

Giants safety Antrel Rolle apologizes for a 'letdown' in 2012 |
"Just want to apologize for a letdown," Rolle said on WFAN today, addressing the team's fan base. "Unfortunately, we came up a little bit short this year. Something that pretty much caught all of us by surprise."

Rolle followed up with a vow for 2013, changing up the words he usually uses about playing "hungry" or with "more dog."

"Come the 2013 season, all I can do is just do my part and be a better player, ... and try the best that I can do to make sure the team is all on the same page, and that more importantly that we’re hunting," Rolle said. "That we’re going to hunt from the first preseason game all the way until the Super Bowl," if they make it there, he added.

Cruz: Contract talks tabled during season - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Victor Cruz remains positive that he will receive a new deal from the New York Giants.

Super Bowl window still open for Eli Manning, New York Giants - ESPN New York
The Giants' Super Bowl window is still open, but they need to refuel their fire.

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