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Mel Kiper Jr. re-grades New York Giants' 2012 NFL Draft

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Mel Kiper Jr. looks back at the 2012 NFL Draft. How does he think the Giants did?

David Wilson
David Wilson

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently re-graded the 2012 NFL Draft. When it comes to his thoughts on the New York Giants, Kiper did not change his grade at all from the one he gave the Giants immediately after the 2012 NFL Draft. Both times, Kiper graded the Giants at C+.

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 32 RB David Wilson Virginia Tech
(2) 63 WR Rueben Randle LSU
(3) 94 CB Jayron Hosley Virginia Tech
(4) 127 TE Adrien Robinson Cincinnati
(4) 131 T Brandon Mosley Auburn
(6) 201 T Matt McCants UAB
(7) 239 DT Markus Kuhn North Carolina State

There are a couple of things in Kiper's remarks about the Giants worth highlighting. He notes that the Giants took David Wilson in the first round, one pick after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Boise State running back Doug Martin. Martin gained 1,454 yards rushing this season, and Kiper, I believe correctly, states that "I think it's still fair to say they might have preferred Martin."

Kiper also has one other thing to say that I believe is on the mark. "There's a ton of projection left in this draft, but we may look back in a couple years and say it looks a lot better than it does today," he wrote.

I believe that to be correct. Wilson, Rueben Randle and Jayron Hosley all flashed potential and should be much better a couple of seasons down the road. Adrien Robinson never had a chance to contribute, and both Brandon Mosley and markus Kuhn ended up on IR.

The general theory is that it takes three years to accurately assess a draft class. Like Kiper, I believe when we get to that three-year mark with this class it could end up looking like very impressive work by GM Jerry Reese and the Giants' scouting department.