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New York Giants' news and notes: Brandon Jacobs rooting for 49ers in Super Bowl

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New York Giants-related news for Saturday morning.


Good morning, New York Giants' fans. Here are a few Giants-related links to help you get your weekend started

Ex-Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said he will be rooting for the 49ers in the Super Bowl -
Brandon Jacobs, unused and then discarded by the 49ers, is still rooting for them to beat the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

"My emotions are I want the 49ers to win the game," Jacobs told USA TODAY Sports. "I don’t have any regrets about not being there whatsoever. I don’t feel like I should’ve done things differently. I don’t feel anything else. I’m a hundred percent happy where I am."

Super Bowl XLVIII: Don’t Fight The Cold-Weather — Embrace It! " CBS New York
The league got off to a good start by giving MetLife the game in 2014. Now put one in Green Bay, and New England, and Philadelphia -- and maybe even Cleveland.

Steve Spagnuolo a fit as Eagles defensive coordinator? |

Inside the Panthers: Panthers hire Al Holcomb as linebackers coach

Phil Mushnick: Former New York Giants Antonio Pierce a bad choice by ESPN to discuss conduct -