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Big Blue View Mailbag: Salary cap, Super Bowl, uniforms and more

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The Big Blue View Mailbag is open, and a fairly interesting mix of questions were asked. Read on to find out more.

Am I the only one who is not enamored with these uniforms?
Am I the only one who is not enamored with these uniforms?

Let's open the Big Blue View Mailbag today and see what non-Darrelle Revis questions are inside. If you missed it, I answered the plethora of "should/could/would the New York Giants trade for Revis?' questions that came in on Friday. So, let's move on and see what else in in the Mailbag.

The following questions all come from Joseph Escobar:

Serious Questions:
1-With the cap situation-can't the Giants "cut" players like Diehl or Webster and be absolved from their over-cap limit, or is there more to it then that?

Answer: They can cut them and be absolved from their 2013 salary. There are other factors, such as bonus money and prorated money from things like previous contract re-structurings. Those things would still count against the cap even after a player is cut, which is part of how teams get 'dead money' on their salary cap. In 2012, for example, the Giants were still paying money to Brandon Jacobs, Clint Sintim, Madison Hedgecock and several others that counted against the cap. I wrote about the Giants' salary cap and those other factors earlier in the week.

2. When will the Giants give Victor Cruz a new deal-feels like they are being slow, which has burned us before in the past with other FA's, most recently Steve Smith.

Answer: I don't know when, to be honest. The league season, and thus free agency, does not start until March 12. Even that isn't really a deadline, since Cruz is a restricted free agent. Have patience, I believe this will get done and you will see Cruz in a Giants' uniform for years to come. BTW, did the Giants really get burned by losing Steve Smith? He has played only 18 games and caught 25 passes the past two seasons. It seems maybe the Giants did the right thing not giving him a big contract.

3. Do you see Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz co-existing with the salary cap?

Answer: Nicks can be a free agent after next season, and both he and the Giants will have a decision to make at that point. I think it's way too early to offer a definitive opinion on Nicks' future. Much will depend on 2013. How healthy will Nicks, who always seemed nagged by something, be? Will Reuben Randle emerge as a big-time player. What kind of money will Nicks be asking for? We just don't know the answers to any of those questions yet.

4. What is the major change you see coming for the Giants in the off season?

Answer: Philosophically, not much. I would like to see Perry Fewell err on the side of aggression more often on defense. Really, I think you will see two things -- and neither is breaking any new ground if you've been reading since the season ended. I believe there will be a change offensively at right tackle, and if Kevin Boothe does not re-sign even more change in the offensive line. Defensively, it seems pretty apparent that there will be at least some change in the linebacking corps -- maybe even wholesale change.

Not so serious:

1. When will Giants get new uniforms or have a chance to wear "retro" uniforms.

Answer: Funny you should bring that up. Am I the only one who actually really hates the Giants' uniforms? Especially, to be honest, the road uniforms. How can a team that calls itself 'Big Blue' have almost no blue at all in their atrocious road uniforms.

You can see the history of Giants' uniforms at, and I'm partial to the 1980s and 1990s look myself. Personally, I dislike the gray pants with the awkward-looking stripes the Giants wear now. Give me the white pants any day.

Rich Parker asks:

With JPP's height, long arms and great hands, wouldn't he be a great target as a TE when the Giant's offense is inside the 10-yard line?

Answer: Let's just let JPP worry about returning to form as one of the most dominant pass-rushing defensive ends in the league.

Via Facebook, Abrian Velarde asks:

"Will the Giants go and win a super bowl at home next season?"

Answer: Well, every Giants' fan would like to seem them win the game at MetLife Stadium next season. If you really want to be technical about it, though the answer would be no. The NFC team (San Francisco 49ers) is considered the home team, which means the AFC champion would be considered the home team next season. So, the Giants could 'host,' but would oddly be considered the visiting team.