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Pro Bowl 2013: Real game? Just cancel it, already!

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Peyton Manning says the level of play at the Pro Bowl has become "unacceptable." Should players play harder, or should the league just cancel the event?

Brandon Marshall was Pro Bowl MVP in 2012
Brandon Marshall was Pro Bowl MVP in 2012
Kent Nishimura

Denver Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning is begging participants in the 2013 Pro Bowl to play hard, calling the play "unacceptable" the past couple of seasons.

"The past two years, the play in this game has been unacceptable," Manning said. "If it was a walkthrough, your coach would say it was a bad walkthrough. And that's why (the league) could try to cancel this game."

The Pro Bowl has become a glorified game of two-hand touch, with players enjoying a week-long vacation in Hawaii and simply coasting through the game itself while trying not to get hurt.

The Giants will be represented in the Pro Bowl by wide receiver Victor Cruz, quarterback Eli Manning and guard Chris Snee. Cruz and Snee are both scheduled to start, even though Snee was added to the team as an alternate. Manning was also added as an alternate.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the level of play has become "embarrassing" and the league would consider canceling the event if it does not improve.

Personally, I would be fine with that. Name Pro Bowl rosters and pay honorees for their Hawaii vacation. Just don't play the game. It's worthless, anyway.