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Senior Bowl 2013: Weigh-in results and initial reactions

Kicking off our Senior Bowl coverage with a look at the Monday player weigh-ins.

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The Senior Bowl begins this week, and it is one of the "trifectas" in a NFL draft nut's season along with the combine and the actual draft itself. The Senior bowl is the first time official measurements are taken place in the pre-draft process. It is also a great week to help pit draft worthy individuals against each other, as well as to get a look at some of the players that come from non dominant BCS programs in action against equal competition.

We'll be doing some Senior Bowl coverage this week starting with today.

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Today's first event is the weigh-in. Weigh-in information like anything else is only a part of the final puzzle for each individual prospect. Teams focus on certain traits. For offensive linemen they want to see good arm length and big hands. Wide receivers and running backs the bigger the hands the better. For the Giants, length is important in the front seven. Below you will find links to the sites with the best available full measurements and my conclusions to the provided information.

The first full weigh-in results I've seen reported are Eric Galko from Optimum scouting for the North roster and @JoshNorris via his Twitter timeline. also has both the North and South full measurements

I'll highlight the interesting results, and what they might mean. I'm not going to focus on highlighting any quarterbacks, running backs or wide receivers at this time.

Offensive linemen

Let's focus on the top tier offensive tackles, as well as anyone else who stands out

D.J. Fluker, the tackle out of Alabama, measured in at 6-foot-4, 355 pounds and was described as "not carrying a lot of extra fat". The remarkable trait of Fluker is that he has an arm length of 36.38 inches and a ridiculous wingspan of 87 inches. To put that in perspective: Jason Pierre-Paul is considered to have a freakishly long wing-span and that was measured at 81 inches. If Fluker can show he is any kind of athlete at all at tackle he'll get first/second-round consideration.

Eric Fisher, who is widely considered as the second-best offensive tackle prospect in the draft, measured in at 6-7 and 305 pounds, which is tall and thin. Fisher has a nice wing-span, too, of slightly more than 82 inches. Fisher needs to show that he can play with proper pad level and has the strength and speed to handle the better competition after routinely dominating with Central Michigan.

Virginia tackle Oday Aboushi measured in at 6-5 and 310 pounds with a 32.78-inch arm length, which is solid not great. He has a very solid NFL offensive lineman build with very big hands 10.48 inch hands.

Lane Johnson from Oklahoma is a guy who has an early second-round grade right now and he measured in at 6-6 and 302 pounds, so another slender guy. He has left tackle feet and his 35-inch long arms will help his cause to be selected early.

Kyle Long, son of former Raiders great Howie Long, is considered a round two type offensive tackle. He measured at 6-6, 304 pounds with 32 1/8-inch arm length and 10 7/8-inch hands. Those are some massive mitts.

Other guys who stood out

Dalton Freeman from Clemson weighed in at 286 pounds at 6-4. A major knock in the scouting community on Clemson players is that their weight-training program is a joke and that their players don't enter NFL ready from a strength standpoint .That kind of size is not helping the reputation.

Larry Waford of Kentucky measured in at 6-3 333 pounds with 31 7/8-inch arm length and small hands at 9 5/8 inches. He is considered a guard, anyway, so the arm length is not as important. He's a day two pick right now.

Lastly Ricky Wagner is 6-6, 310 pounds, with 33.5"-inch armsand 10 1/8-inch hands. Wagner could get a look as a right tackle for the Giants on day two.

Defensive linemen

Ezekiel Ansah was not at practice this morning and did not get measured yet. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for that information.

Clemson defensive end Mallaciah Goodman just got the Giants' attention. The Giants love length in their front seven players and Goodman led all defensive linemen with 35 7/8-inch long arms (very long) and 10 7/8-inch hands. Goodman, at 6-3 272 pounds, also has a solid build. He helped himself today.

Georgia defensive linemen John Jenkins is a big man at 6-3, 359 pounds. He could help the Giants' defense vs. the run.

SMU's Margus Hunt is 6-8, 277 pounds with 33 3/8-inch arms and 9 5/8-inch hands his length (slightly more than an 82-inch wing span) is certainly not disappointing, but it's not remarkable. There is no question that he's built well and is a great athlete so nothing he does in the pre-draft process should be surprising.

Texas Long Horns Alex Okafor was 6-4, 255 pounds with 33-inch arms, so that's a name to watch though he's a little underweight for the Giants.


Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene, listed at 6-1, 230 by Rutgers, was barely six feet and weighed 236 pounds.

Southern Mississippi linebacker Jamie Collins was 6-3, 245 pounds with 33 3/8-inch arms. Those are pretty good numbers.

John Simon from Ohio State was only 6-1,256 pounds, which is not great for him. He's a tweener DE/OLB prospect. Considered not big enough for defensive end not athletic enough for 3-4 OLB. We'll see how he does at the combine and in practices throughout the week.

UNC linebacker Kevin Riddick was a solid 246 pounds at 6-1.

Chase Thomas is a guy I think would make an interesting strongside linebacker for the Giants and he measured in at 6-3, 241 pounds, but less than 32-inch arms. The Giants gravitate towards long, athletic players.

Defensive backs

The name to watch this week is cornerback Robert Alford out of Southern Eastern Louisiana. In talking to people, he is considered a potential top 50 prospect. He measured in at 5-9, 187 pounds. Teams are starting to look for bigger cornerbacks and that's not very big. A 74-inch wing span's not bad, though, for that height.

UConn Blidi Wreh-Wilson was over six-feet tall and 192 pounds and is north of 77-inch wing span -- best among the defensive backs here.

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