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New York Giants' Positional Reviews: Cornerback

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A look at cornerback as we continue our series of positional reviews for the New York Giants.

Corey Webster didn't make many plays like this in 2012
Corey Webster didn't make many plays like this in 2012
Kevin C. Cox

The New York Giants simply did not defend the pass well in 2012, a bad thing in a pass-oriented league. The Giants gave up 60 plays of 20 yards or more, and only three teams surrendered more. They surrendered 7.6 yards per pass attempt, 31st in the league. The 11.9 yards per completion they allowed was 30th in the league.

Cornerback play obviously has a lot to do with that. As we continue our series of positional reviews let's focus today on the cornerback position.

Corey Webster -- We have discussed it several times, and there is really no way around the fact that the eight-year veteran was awful in 2012. Out of 113 corners who played at least 25 percent of their team's defensive snaps Webster graded 110th, according to Pro Football Focus. NFL quarterbacks completed 61.5 percent of passes thrown at Webster, and the 330 yards he surrendered after catches was fifth-worst in the league. The 16.7 yards per catch he allowed was fourth-worst.

Webster, 30, is owed a base salary of $7 million next season, with bonuses that could push that total to $9.975 million.

Prince Amukamara -- Amukamara played the best of any of the Giants' corners in 2012. Is he truly a No. 1 corner, though? That is tough to say because Amukamara (74.5 passer rating against) did not often face the opponent's top receiver.

Jayron Hosley --The rookie third-round pick had plaenty of ups and downs in 2012. His numbers look worse than Websters -- -12.1 PFF score, a 121.5 passer rating against and an average of 14.2 yards against per completion. Hosley, though, was a rookie adjusting to playing in the slot and should get better.

Justin Tryon -- Tryon is a valuable special teams player, but seemed overmatched when injuries forced the Giants to use him at corner early in the season.

Terrence Frederick -- Not much to say. He was added to the roster at the end of the season and we really know little to nothing about him.

2013 Outlook

The biggest question, of course, is what the Giants will do with Webster. Will they cut him loose? Keep him but re-structure his contract? Move him to safety is they do keep him? It seems obvious, though, that you can't pay a guy $9.975 million when he is playing as poorly as any cornerback in the league. Amukamara and Hosley seem like part of the long-term answer at corner. Will Terrell Thomas return, and what kind of player will he be if he does? Could the Giants look to free agency for a solid veteran corner?