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New York Giants: Despite failure of 2012, still much to feel good about

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The New York Giants won't repeat as Super Bowl champions -- in fact, they didn't even make the playoffs. The whirlwind of change around the NFL, though, shows that the Giants are still a model for what other teams want to become.

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This has been a really boring month for New York Giants' fans. No playoff games to agonize over. No hiring or firings. Really, a whole lot of nothing going on.

Eight NFL teams have fired old coaches and hired new ones. Five teams have replaced general managers. I have completely lost track of the number of teams replacing offensive and defensive coordinators, but there are a slew of 'em.

Change is all around the Giants. What, however, have the Giants done? Nothing, really.

Sure, the whirlwind of change has impacted the Giants. The Philadelphia Eagles have a new head coach, and they are interested in Giants' linebackers coach Jim Herrmann as a potential defensive coordinator. The Dallas Cowboys hired a new defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin. The Carolina Panthers hired Giants' Senior Pro Personnel Analyst Dave Gettleman as general manager, but the truth is Gettleman had reduced his role with the Giants over the past year.

With all this change going on everywhere else it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the Giants are just fine. They already have proven leadership in place.

Certainly, the Giants did not succeed in 2012. Failing to miss the playoffs a year after winning a Super Bowl is something the Giants should be kicking themselves for. Today is NFL Championship Sunday and three of the four teams who reached this point in 2012 are back again. The Giants are the lone exception, magnifying the failure of the past season.

Still, remember this. All of this change around the league is about teams seeking what the Giants already have. What is that?

Well, stability for one. Tom Coughlin has been head coach since 2004, and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and quarterback Eli Manning have been with him the whole time. General manager Jerry Reese has been in place since 2007. Leaders you know you can win with for another. Two Super Bowl titles is proof enough that the Giants have that. The Giants didn't reach it this time, but they know what their ceiling is. It's the one everyone else aspires to.

It's been difficult in many ways for Giants' fans to watch the past month unfold. It won't be easy to watch the games today and know that a year ago you were celebrating one of the best victories in franchise history.

Remember, though, the Giants are in a good place. The hiring of Gettleman, the four GM interviews Marc Ross received, the interest in Herrmann show that NFL teams are seeking something the Giants already have. And you should feel good about that.