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New York Giants' news and notes: Paysinger -- Chip Kelly's offense 'amazing'

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News about the New York giants for Friday morning, and some interesting stories from around the NFL.

Spencer Paysinger of the Giants knows Chip Kelly's offense well
Spencer Paysinger of the Giants knows Chip Kelly's offense well
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Friday morning links, including Giants' linebacker Spencer Paysinger -- a star at Oregon under Chip Kelly -- talking about playing against Kelly now that he is coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Paysinger bracing for Chip Kelly - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Giants' linebacker Spencer Paysinger played for new Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly at Oregon. Here is Paysinger's take on now having to play against Kelly twice a year:

"Our defense, when I was at Oregon, we were the only team that shut them down," Paysinger said in an interview on "We knew how to shut them down. (But) playing with that offense was amazing. It was tiring because they'd score in one minute and give up the ball, and the defense was still trying to catch their breath.

"He has an exciting game plan," he continued. "It's always fun to watch. If he gets the right players, he'll be dangerous and unfortunately he's in our division, so I have to get ready for him."

[Assessing Kelly's impact on Giants | Can Kelly's offense work in NFL?]

Chris Snee will not opt out of Pro Bowl
Guard Chris Snee will play in the 2013 Pro Bowl despite a looming hip surgery

Safety Antrel Rolle reflects on 2012

Around the NFL

Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit against Roger Goodell dismissed -
A judge dismissed Jonathan Vilma's defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello announced Thursday.

NFL dangles apps and Wi-Fi to boost lagging attendance - Jan. 18, 2013
As more NFL fans choose to watch games on TV, teams are using Wi-Fi as a way to draw crowds to the stadium on gameday.

Bruce Arians hired as Arizona Cardinals head coach -
Bruce Arians did well as an interim coach for the Indianapolis Colts season. Forget the interim tag now. He's the full-time man in Arizona after accepting Cardinals' head-coaching job.

NFL concussion suits could hit hard - SFGate
New findings that onetime star linebacker Junior Seau had a degenerative brain disease when he killed himself in May have turned up the heat on the NFL, which claims it's doing its best to protect players and support medical research. The concussion suits nevertheless have potentially huge consequences, both for the NFL's finances and for its safety policies, in light of mounting evidence of the cumulative effects of years of violent gridiron collisions.

No African-American NFL head coaches hired in 2013 -
The head-coaching carousel stopped spinning on Thursday night with the hire of Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals. The selection is great news for an NFL lifer like Arians, but it might bring home a troubling statistic for African-American coaches around the league. None of the eight new NFL head coaches is African-American. The number of African-American head coaches in the NFL will drop from five to three in 2012 after Lovie Smith and Romeo Crennel lost their jobs.

Sean Lee Opens Up About Rob Ryan And Playing In The 4-3 - Blogging The Boys
We take a closer look at Sean Lee's comments about his former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his role in the new 4-3 defense for the Cowboys.

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers -- Read option 'will eventually pass' - ESPN
The read option offense is the buzz of the NFL right now, but Aaron Rodgers said on his radio show this week that he expects it to fade away, just like the Wildcat formation did before it.