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New York Giants' news and notes: Chip Kelly reaction, more

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Your Thursday morning New York Giants links, including reaction to the Philadelphia Eagles hiring Chip Kelly as head coach.

Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly
Jeff Gross

Good morning, New York Giants' fans. Here are your links for this Thursday morning.

Fast-pace offense will be another Giant challenge -
It is the fourth quarter and Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck are bent over, hands on knees, tongues hanging out, gasping for oxygen.

NOTE: If you missed it, we wrote about this on Wednesday.

Chip Kelly to the Philadelphia Eagles: Can His Offense Work in the NFL? - Addicted To Quack

Many NFL fans who don't follow the college game closely see the spread offense as just a way to get away with having a running back playing QB. Many of these same fans are the type who wonder whether Kelly would go after a guy like Tim Tebow to run his offense. Chip Kelly has always said he prefers a quarterback who can run, not a running back who can throw. I assure you that there is no way in hell that Tebow ends up on a Chip Kelly team.

Eagles fans may be surprised to learn that Chip Kelly only started tinkering with the spread while he was OC at New Hampshire because he didn't have a fullback. He ran the system he did at Oregon because the Ducks have no in-state recruiting pipeline and couldn't beat the USCs of the world for elite orthodox recruits. While I believe that Kelly will use a spread of sorts in the NFL, he's not as wedded to his system as many think he is. What Kelly is wedded to, and what he will take with him to the league, is the uptempo, no-huddle that stresses a defense. But I expect Kelly's offense to look different than it did at Oregon. It would not shock me if he picked Nick Foles over Michael Vick at quarterback, because passing skills are going to be the most important factor in the decision.

Valentine's View: This is a great perspective on Kelly from our Oregon web site. Reading it is worth your time. - Kelly hire smacks of grand success or colossal failure
The Eagles' hiring of Chip Kelly either will be a tremendous hit or a massive fail. But we can't wait to find out.

2013 NFL Draft: No first round quarterbacks in this draft, says Mel Kiper -
Although many believe that Geno Smith is set to be the first player taken in the draft, Mel Kiper told reporters that he couldn't justify a quarterback in the first round of his mock draft and that he has a different quarterback ahead of Smith.

Palladino: Terrell Thomas’ Potential Comeback Brightens Dark Days " CBS New York
It all depends on how fast, and how well, Thomas can get that knee back into shape. It may never happen, despite his best efforts. But the hard-nosed Thomas will certainly give it his best shot. That’s just part of his mental makeup.

Catching Up with Victor Cruz at Calvin Klein Collection: Fashion Shows: GQ
Giants wide receiver and GQ alum Victor Cruz has added fashion insider to his resume over the last year, turning up at runway shows and designer parties looking every bit the sharply dressed star.

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