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New York Giants' Marc Ross won't become New York Jets' general manager

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Director of College Scouting Marc Ross will apparently be staying with the New York Giants, good news for a team that already lost pro personnel analyst Dave Gettleman.

Marc Ross reportedly won't join the circus run by Woody Johnson (right)
Marc Ross reportedly won't join the circus run by Woody Johnson (right)

Marc Ross apparently won't be leaving the New York Giants this off-season. Ross, the Giants Director of College Scouting, has reportedly withdrawn from consideration for the New York Jets' general manager position.

That is good news for the Giants, who already lost Senior Pro Personnel Analyst Dave Gettleman to the Carolina Panthers, where he is their new general manager.

Ross interviewed for four GM jobs in recent weeks -- the Jets, Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers. The Jets are the only team in that group that has not yet filled their GM vacancy.

Ross has been with the Giants since 2007.

Can you really blame the 39-year-old for passing on the Jets job? The Jets are still a circus, and whoever the GM is will be forced to play ring-leader. Rex Ryan will still be the coach, and the new general manager will still be forced to deal with the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow quarterback mess.

Ross is 39, and he apparently understands that a better, more stable opportunity will almost certainly come his way eventually.