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Dave Gettleman introduced as Carolina Panthers' general manager

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Former New York Giants executive Dave Gettleman met the Carolina Panthers' media for the first time on Tuesday.

Former New York Giants' Senior Pro Personnel Analyst Dave Gettleman was introduced today as general manager of the Carolina Panthers -- an opportunity the 61-year-old Gettleman admitted he thought might never come.

"It's no different for me than it is for you, it's about the person doing the hiring," Gettleman said. "I just needed someone that was looking for an older, mature guy.

"Our culture is the next young whizzbang is the next great thing. That's just where we're at right now."

Gettleman had reduced his role with the Giants after the 2011 season, saying "Frankly, I was a little frustrated at the opportunities I'd had to even interview for GM positions. ... Without being arrogant or bragging, I've had a pretty successful career. It was time for me to move to significance.

"I needed to change my focus, I needed to get a broader vision."

Gettleman espoused many of the philosophies the Giants have lived by over the years -- patience, build through the draft, use free agency to fill holes rather than make splashy signings, constantly try to upgrade the bottom of the roster.

SB Nation's Carolina Panthers web site, Cat Scratch Reader, got its first glimpse of Gettleman on Tuesday. Here is part of CSR's impression:

Speaking through a thick Northeast accent, Dave Gettleman was comfortable and relaxed -- not afraid of lightening the mood with some self deprecating humor, while saying that his approach will be very similar to Marty Hurney's. If you were looking for wholesale changes, and huge money in free agency then you'll be disappointed. Gettleman talked of the need to build through the draft, "raise their own", while using free agency to patch holes, rather than build a team.