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Terrell Thomas hopes to return to New York Giants

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Terrell Thomas is once again rehabbing from a serious knee injury and is promising to use social media to tell fans about his progress.

Terrell Thomas
Terrell Thomas

Terrell Thomas has always been one of the most social-media friendly professional athletes, whether that be via Twitter, Facebook or his own web site/blog. Tuesday, Thomas continued that trend by taking to his blog to announce that he is "returning to football in 2013."

Thomas, of course, has missed the last two seasons due to ACL injuries and has now undergone three ACL surgeries. With his knee issues and his contract status up in the air Thomas future is uncertain. "Most likely and hopefully I will be resigning with the Giants," Thomas wrote.

General manager Jerry Reese recently floated the idea that if Thomas returns to the Giants the team might consider moving him from cornerback to safety, a position that might be less taxing on his oft-injured knees.

Thomas did not address a position switch in his blog entry, but wrote "I want to prove to guys that I will return as the same player that I was when I was healthy."

Check Thomas's blog over the next month if you are interested in following his rehab. He has promised to provide constant updates.