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AFC Championship 2013: New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

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The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens have advanced to the AFC Championship Game. Here is a brief look at how they got there.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens have advanced to the 2013 AFC Championship Game. The Ravens stunned the top-seeded Denver Broncos, 38-25, in two overtimes and the Patriots were simply too good for the Houston Texans, winning 41-28. Here are three quick impressions from the weekend.

1. Peyton Manning once again came up small in a playoff game. He now has a 9-11 playoff record with 21 interceptions and a passer rating of 88.4. You know if you could combine Peyton's regular-season prowess and Eli Manning's post-season wizardry you'd have a pretty decent quarterback.

2. It is constantly amazing to me that the best athletes in a sport cannot play to situations. How on earth Denver's Raheem Moore allows Jacoby Jones to get behind him for the game-tying 70-yard score with 31 seconds left is simply beyond me.

3. I know the New York Giants have beaten the New England Patriots twice in the Super Bowl. Watching the Patriots play offense, though, always makes me wish the Giants would play at a faster pace. Some of what New England does is like stealing, simply because they get plays off so quickly.

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