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NFL injury data 2012: New York Giants were healthiest team in NFC East

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Injury data shows that the New York Giants were actually the healthiest team in the NFC East during the 2012 season.

Andre Brown saw a broken leg end his season
Andre Brown saw a broken leg end his season

Injuries. New York Giants' fans love to complain about them, love to theorize that the Giants must be the most injury-prone team in the NFL. Well, according to a study by the highly-regarded Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, the data simply does not back that up.

Gosselin's data shows that Giants' starters lost 38 games to injury in 2012, the 11th fewest in the NFL, and easily the fewest games missed by starters of any team in the NFC East.

The Philadelphia Eagles were 25th on the list with 63 games missed, and lost All-Pro starting left tackle Jason Peters for the season. The Dallas Cowboys were 30th on the list with 71 games missed. The Washington Redskins were 31st with 75 games missed, including losing offensive tackle Jammal Brown for the entire season and defensive star Brian Orakpo to a torn pectoral muscle in the second game.

Only the Green Bay Packers (83) saw their starters lose more games to injuries than the Cowboys or Redskins, who played for the NFC East title (won by Washington) the final weekend of the season.

The least injured team? The San Francisco 49ers had only eight games missed by starters in 2012.

You can argue that the Giants were hurt at times by running back Ahmad Bradshaw and wide receiver Hakeem Nicks playing when they shouldn't have -- and that might have some merit. You can't, however, say that injuries were the primary reason the Giants missed the playoffs. The data shows that just isn't the case.