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New York Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants, final results

The final New York Giants' roster power rankings of the 2012 NFL season. See if you agree with where each player ended up.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your final 2012 New York Giants' roster power rankings. This is a cumulative ranking of where I think each player belongs from top to bottom for the season.

One thing I decided to do was add the five players to the end-of-the-season rankings who spent part of the season on the active roster before finishing on Injured Reserve. I have done my best to judge the overall contribution of each player for the season.

Let me know what you agree or disagree with.

1. Eli Manning -- He didn't play as well in 2012 as the Giants needed him to. LW: 1

2. Jason Pierre-Paul -- The Giants have to get something closer to the 16.5 sacks he produced in 2011 next season, nof the 6.5 he had this year. HINT: For me it starts by getting him at right defensive end more often. LW: 2

3. Victor Cruz -- A second straight 1,000-yard plus season. LW: 3

4. Ahmad Bradshaw -- Lots of heart, and plenty of production when his feet allow. Will he be back next season? LW: 4

5. Antrel Rolle -- With apologies to Justin Tuck, Rolle is clearly now the heart -- and the voice -- of the Giants' defense. LW: 5

6. Will Beatty -- He can be a free agent, and the Giants had better lock this guy up with a sizeable long-term contract. There aren't a lot of left tackles who were better this season. LW: 6

7. Chris Snee -- A very good year for the veteran guard. Not what he was about four seasons ago, but still a good player. LW: 8

8. Chase Blackburn -- Having Blackburn finish this high in our rankings is a credit to him, an over-achiever with limited athleticism. It is, however, an indictment of a Giants' defense that desperately needs an upgrade in talent at linebacker. LW: 11

9. Linval Joseph -- A very good season, but not a Pro Bowl level one. Hopefully, he gets to that level in 2013. LW: 10

10. Hakeem Nicks -- All the courage in the world to play thru the injuries he played with in 2012, but Nicks was not as productive as the Giants needed him to be. In the end, he should have taken the 6-8 weeks off that doctors recommended rather than returning in two. LW: 7

11. Stevie Brown -- Eight interceptions and two fumble recoveries for Brown, a quality center-field type ballhawking safety. He may not be as good in run support as Kenny Phillips, but defense is about turnovers now and Brown can provide them. LW: 14

12. Martellus Bennett -- A very productive season for The Black Unicorn. We'll see how much he -- and the Giants -- think it was worth. LW: 13

13. Henry Hynoski -- Maybe Kelsey is getting to me, or maybe I just love The Rhino touchdown dance so much I had to push Hynoski up this high. LW: 19

14. Osi Umenyiora -- See ya! A great career with the Giants, but that appears to be over. LW: 12

15. Kevin Boothe -- A good year, but the veteran guard is not irreplaceable. LW: 15

16. Prince Amukamara -- A good season, although it would have been nice if he had been healthy all year. Hopefully next season he clearly establishes himself as the guy the Giants need to put on the opposing team's best receiver. LW: 17

17. David Wilson -- You have to think he will be the primary back next season. If he isn't then something isn't right. LW: 20

18. David Baas -- I have said this before and it bears repeating. The guy is a decent center, but not a top-tier one. He isn't what Shaun O'Hara was. LW: 18

19. Domenik Hixon -- Had his moments in 2012. Will he be back next season? That probably depends on how much faith the Giants have in Reuben Randle and Jerrel Jernigan. LW: 21

20. Justin Tuck -- Two straight seasons way under his expectations. Tuck vowed Monday to return to an elite level. I would love to see it, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. LW: 25

21. Lawrence Tynes -- Sort of epitomized the Giants' season. Great start, fizzled at the end. LW: 27

22. Steve Weatherford -- Quietly had another very good season. LW: 22

23. Andre Brown -- He would be way higher on this list if he hadn't gotten hurt. LW: IR/Unranked

24. Kenny Phillips -- It will be really, really interesting to find out if we have seen the last of him with the Giants. LW: 29

25. Michael Boley -- His playing time faded down the stretch as he played only about 25 percent of the snaps the final two games. Is he on his way out of New York? Maybe. LW: 16

26. Chris Canty -- I got a little carried away last week pushing him into the top 10. Overall, this is where his contribution for the season should land him. LW: 8

27. David Diehl -- Have we seen the last of him as a Giant? That seems very possible. LW: 23

28. Reuben Randle -- Showed Sunday that he should have a much bigger impact on the Giants' offense next season. LW: 31

29. Jacquian Williams -- If you are of the belief that the Giants need to blow up the linebacking corps, you probably also believe Williams is one player who needs to stay. LW: 32

30. Mathias Kiwanuka -- It seems almost certain Kiwanuka will strictly be a defensive end next season. Will it make any difference? You have to hope so, because Kiwanuka was pretty much invisible all season. LW: 26

31. Will Hill -- It is pretty obvious that Stevie Brown will have a significant role in the Giants' defense going forward. The question is do the Giants trust Hill enough to let Phillips go? LW: 30

32. Rocky Bernard -- The guess here is that the veteran tackle has played his last game with the Giants. LW: 24

33. Corey Webster -- Terrible. Just terrible in 2012 when you consider what he has done previously and what the Giants needed, and didn't get, from Webster this season. The Giants owe him $7 million next season and I see no way they pay it. LW: 33

34. Jayron Hosley -- Lots of growing pains for the rookie this season. I think he can be a useful player, but he has to improve and he has to stay healthy. LW: 28

35. Sean Locklear -- Best guess here is that the veteran offensive tackle has a better chance of being brought back by the Giants than does Diehl. LW: IR/Unranked

36. Spencer Paysinger -- Used increasingly in the defense as the season wore on. Will he be thought of as part of the solution if the Giants revamp the linebacking corps? LW: 36

37. Keith Rivers -- Played much more the past couple of weeks, and it makes you wonder if the Giants would rather keep Rivers than Boley. LW: 35

38. Bear Pascoe -- Great guy, but you wonder if the Giants will look for an upgrade. LW: 34

39. Mark Herzlich -- Not sure what the future holds for Herzlich with the Giants. I thought he would make an impact this season, but it didn't happen. LW: 37

40. Zak DeOssie -- Could probably long snap in the NFL for 10 more years. LW: 39

41. Markus Kuhn -- Showed that he can be part of the defensive tackle rotation next season before going down to an injury. LW: IR/Unranked

42. Adrian Tracy -- Depending on what the Giants do in the draft, and the future of Umenyiora, he might get a chance next season. LW: 39

43. Jerrel Jernigan -- Made some strides toward the end of the season. LW: 41

44. Marvin Austin -- Actually made a couple of tackles in limited play on Sunday. Best guess is he gets another chance next season. LW: 43

45. Jim Cordle -- Seemed to lose the favor of the coaches after getting extended play a couple of weeks ago. LW: 40

46. Justin Tryon -- Little more than a special teams player. LW: 42

47. James Brewer -- Will he be given a chance to win the right tackle job next season? LW: 45

48. Tyler Sash -- A couple of young safeties impressed for the Giants this season. Sash was not one of them. LW: 44

49. Kregg Lumpkin -- I can't imagine he has a place with the Giants next season. LW: 46

50. David Carr -- Will he continue to wear a baseball cap for the Giants next season? LW: 47

51. Da'Rel Scott -- Missed the second half of the season after knee surgery. You wonder if he has missed his opportunity. LW: IR/Unranked

52. Ramses Barden -- Don't let the door hit ya! Inactive the final two games, and virtually invisible his entire four-year Giants' career. LW: 48

53. Travis Beckum -- Bye, bye. Took up roster space for four seasons. LW: 49

54. Ryan Torain -- Roster fill for the final few weeks of the season, not much more. LW: 50

55. Adrien Robinson -- Can he replace Bear Pascoe next season? LW: 51

56. Selvish Capers -- Another guy who was roster fill. LW: 53

57. Adewale Ojomo -- Maybe next year for this year's training camp sensation. LW: 52

58. Terrence Frederick -- Hello, and goodbye. LW: Unranked