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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook

Miguel Maysonet could be the first player from Stony Brook ever drafted by an NFL team. Could that team be the New York Giants?


For today's 2013 NFL Draft prospect profile we look at a running back prospect from a local school -- Miguel Maysonet of Stony Brook. The New York Giants have two running backs they like a lot in David Wilson and Andre Brown, but Brown is coming off a season-ending broken leg and there are question marks about the depth of the position. I would not be surprised to see the Giants take a look at a running back at some point in the draft.

The Giants have shown interest in Maysonet, attending his Pro Day and having him in for a visit. This is a profile based off videos from If you're more interested in Maysonet, or if you're visiting this page after the Giants have selected him in the draft, here is an interview he did with NFLspinzone.

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Compactly built at 5-foot-9 and 209 pounds, and doesn't go down on first contact. Maysonet comes from a system that ran a lot of I-formation, pistol, and single back. He is not a guy who has to adjust from a spread-option running style. He has good vision, and doesn't waste a lot of movement. He sees the hole and gets moving straight forward in a hurry. Consistently productive and tough, hasn't missed any games due to injury. He fights well for extra yardage and keeps his legs moving. He has good change of direction skills and enough speed.

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He has small hands (8 1/2 inches) which could lead to fumbling problems in the NFL (He did not have a lot of fumbling problems in college), though he is strong and uses a stiff arm with good effect. He has enough speed, but not great speed. He hasn't showed that he offers anything as a receiver out of the backfield, though on the Giants I don't think that'll be much of a concern as long as he learns to pass block (very few college running backs are good at it). He doesn't create a ton of his own yardage by making guys miss.

Player comparison: Alfred Morris (

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Does He Fit With The Giants?

Yes. I think the Giants have shown that they are a team that likes running backs with a nice size/speed ratio. Brown, Wilson, and Da'rel Scott have all been at the top of the running back class in terms of a size/speed dynamic (and I think that's why Christine Michael is a prime candidate for the Giants if his character concerns cause him to fall into the fourth round range), and I also think that they are looking more at day three prospects for running backs then guys projected to go in the second or third round (Michael, Jonathan Franklin, Montee Ball, perhaps Marcus Lattimore).

Prospect Video @aaronaloysius and @jmpasq

Big Board Rankings

He's not going to be high on many big boards because he's from a small school and he lacks blazing speed. He's a day three prospect who is projected to go somewhere between the fifth and seventh round, possible an undrafted free agent

Final Thought

Maysonet is the kind of running back I would expect the Giants to target in the draft. He isn't overly flashy, but has a pretty good size/speed combination. They have shown plenty of interest in him,but he is a local product so that is to be expected. He's not going to cost the team a day one or two pick. He complements Brown and Wilson and is an opposite of what Da'rel Scott gives the team.

I think the back that is likely to be high on their board would be a player like Texas A&M's Michael, but he's probably going to be drafted in the second round. Watch that name, however, if he's available in the fourth round. He has some character issues, but he is very talented and fits the size/speed ratio the Giants have been interested in drafting.

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