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Ryan Nassib Selection: Instant reaction to surprising pick

Ed offers an instant reaction to the Giants selection of quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round.

Ryan Nassib
Ryan Nassib

I admit I was surprised by the New York Giants decision to move up in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft on Saturday to grab Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. With a little time to process the pick, though, this is a move that I like.

The Giants have tried for years to develop a young backup quarterback for Eli Manning. Remember Andre Woodson, Rhett Bomar and Ryan Perrilloux? None of those guys worked out, obviously.

Fast-forward to present day. David Carr looks great in a baseball cap (c'mon, admit it, he's a good-lookin' guy). You don't want to see him with his helmet on in a game that matters. Apparently, neither does general manager.

Analysts are split on just how good Nassib can. Sports Illustrated had Nassib ranked as the No. 1 overall prospect in the nation prior to the draft. Others have had him rated much lower.

There is also varied opinion on which quarterbacks in this draft class will be the better NFL players. Four quarterbacks have been selected in the fourth round to this point, evidence of the split in opinion. By making this move, giving their fourth-round pick (116th) and sixth-round pick (187th) to the Arizona Cardinals -- something they rarely do -- the Giants tell you what they think of the former Orange quarterback.

Only time will tell what type of player Nassib can be, but, yes, I like this move by the Giants. Sure, they still need some defensive depth but they also need to have a prayer of being successful if their franchise quarterback goes down with an injury. They obviously feel Nassib can become a player who gives them that.

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