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Johnathan Hankins feels like 'one of the best'

After being selected in the second round on Friday defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins said he knew the Giants had interest in him.

Rich Seubert announces the selection of Johnathan Hankins
Rich Seubert announces the selection of Johnathan Hankins
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants surrendered 4.6 yards per rushing attempt last season, 27th in the NFL. The free-agent signings of defensive tackles Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson as well as middle linebacker Dan Connor are an obvious effort to improve in that area. The addition of massive 6-foot-3, 322-pound defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, selected Friday in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, is another step in that direction.

Hankins met with the media after Friday's selection. Here is part of the Q&A session.

Q: Did you know the Giants were interested?

A: Yeah, I knew they had a little interest in me and I talked to them a couple times but it was just so much building up to this moment. Just to get that call from the New York Giants and just be able to play for them and the history they have of winning championships. I'm ready to come along and help as much as I can.

Q: Can you rush the passer?

A: I feel like I can rush the passer. One of my strong points is stopping the run so I'm working on my pass-rushing techniques. I'm working on getting that a lot better so I can be a complete D-tackle.

Q: What did the Giants talk to you about?

A: They basically talked to me about coming in and contributing to the defense and doing the best that I can and hopefully be a starter one day but just come in and make a good impression and help the team out.

Q: How did your career at Ohio State prepare you to play in the NFL?

A: It helped tremendously well from just my physical aspect with my weight and getting me stronger. Then when it comes to the game, just watching film and knowing what the offense is going to do before the play even happens and just the tradition there just getting guys to the league was just a great asset for me and they prepared me really well.

Q: Have you compared yourself to DT Shaun Rogers?

A: We have a nice comparison. He's a dominant defensive tackle in the league. Playing, I feel like we both have kind of a sort of a similarity to our game but I'm going to learn from him and try to get better.

Q: Do you see yourself as a rarity as a player?

A: Yes, I see that. I feel like being the way I am, 325 pounds. You don't really see too many big guys running from sideline to sideline making plays. Just playing defensive end and all of the positions on the defensive front, I feel like I'm probably one of the best and I feel like I'm the best so I'm going to keep working hard to help the team be good.