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2013 NFL Draft Debate: POLL -- Tank Carradine or Bjoern Werner?

Time for you to play GM for the Giants. Do you want Tank Carradine or Bjoern Werner? Vote in our poll.

Bjoern Werner
Bjoern Werner

Bjeorn Werner or Tank Carradine? Put yourself in the shoes of New York Giants' general manager Jerry Reese for a minute. You have the 19th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and the way the board unfolds Thursday night this is the choice that you face. What do you do? Which of the talented Florida State defensive ends do you select?

No matter which way you go here, you are getting a player NFL Draft analysts think is a first-round talent who should have a long, productive NFL career.

So, what is a team facing this choice to do?

"I think Carradine fits the athletic mold," said Yahoo! Sports NFL columnist Jason Cole during a recent phone conversation. "Werner fits the intelligence mold."

Cole also said that Carradine has the higher ceiling, although the "difference is not that significant."

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Here is Draft Insider's Pauline analyzing both players:

Werner: "Werner is a game-impacting pass rusher who plays with a high motor and offers a large upside. He's displayed terrific development the past three years and will do well at defensive end in a 4-3 alignment."

Carradine: "He's an every-down lineman with the ability to defend the run, rush the passer, or chase the action in pursuit. If he quickly recovers from the knee injury suffered in November, Carradine should swiftly move into a starting lineup at the next level."

Vote in the poll below and let us know what you would do.