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2013 NFL Draft: You want odds? Of course there are odds

Of course you can bet on the 2013 NFL Draft. Here are some of the bets you can make.

Geno Smith
Geno Smith

Of course you can place bets of the 2013 NFL Draft. Bovada is out with odds on a series of possible draft outcomes. Here are a few of them, and which side I would be placing my money on if I were a betting man.

How many QB's will be selected in the 1st Rd?

Over 1 (EVEN)
Under 1 (-140)

Valentine's View: I'm taking the over. There are a lot of desperate teams out there. My guess is Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley don't get out of the first round.

Who will be the 2nd Pick Overall?

Eric Fisher 1/2
Dion Jordan 7/4
Geno Smith 15/2
Luke Joeckel 15/1

Valentine's View: I'm going with Jordan. Joeckel will go first to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Draft Position - Geno Smith

Over/Under 8½

Valentine's View: I am taking the under. Somebody will make the Geno Smith mistake. Philadelphia? Cleveland? Buffalo?

Draft Position - Matt Barkley

Over/Under 37½

Valentine's View: Under. Too many teams out there desperate for a quarterback.

Draft Position - Manti Te'o

Over/Under 25½

Valentine's View: The toughest call so far. I am going to take the under, but wouldn't be surprised to be wrong here.

Draft Position - Tyrann Mathieu

Over/Under 75½

Valentine's View: Over. I think teams who want a corner will exhaust all other options before giving Mathieu a chance.