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2013 NFL Draft: Scouts' takes on D.J. Fluker

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Some good, some bad in a scouting report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Alabama right tackle D.J. Fluker, who many think could be in play for the New York Giants if he is available with the 19th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

"Road-grading right tackle all the way, but somebody could try him at guard," one scout said. "He'll come off the ball and knock you out. Every once in a while he gets in trouble with his (pass) set. If he doesn't get any width and depth, he doesn't have the feet to get wide. I liked (Bryan) Bulaga a lot, but this guy is the same thing except he's stronger and as competitive. Maybe not as smart." Several scouts expressed major reservations about Fluker's study and work habits. "Great kid, but you don't want him doing your taxes," said one. Attended three high schools (spent senior year in Foley, Ala.) after his family was forced from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Effervescent personality. Emotional leader of national champion Crimson Tide. "He's an Aaron Gibson type," a third scout said. "He's got real long arms (36 ¾). At the point, he gets on you. Fluker won't pull. He's similar to (the Vikings' Phil) Loadholt. He'll have some problems with speed rushers. I like his demeanor, but I worry about his quickness."